Moving Margo – November 2011

This was a world premier of the play written by Georgie Wallace. This is Georgie’s 2nd play; the first “A Week in Serenity” was performed by Stepping Out Theatre Inc two years ago in 2009. It was enthusiastically received so much so that the Director, Christine Rule asked to produce another of Georgie’s plays.

Moving Margo is about “moving on” in more ways than one as the recently widowed, Margo is forced to pack up her large Pymble house of where she lived for 30 years to move to an apartment. Her late husband was a hoarder and so with the task at hand so daunting, many people get involved in order to help her move, some more helpful than others…

This play was a great success and sold out almost every performance.  We look forward to working with Georgie again!

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