Pygmalion 2012

A modern adaptation of a very old story

Stepping Out Theatre will be presenting an exciting new interpretation of the George Bernard Shaw classic Pygmalion in June 2012.

Although SOT is known for its original approach to a wide variety of genres, this new production is definitely something special.

Since its first performance in 1914 Pygmalion has captured the imagination of audiences all over the world but, sadly, along the way some of Shaw’s vision for the play has been lost.

Most people are familiar with My Fair Lady and the classic Cinderella story it represents, but early interpretations of Pygmalion as a simple love story actually caused Shaw to write a brief sequel, outlining what really happens with the relationships between the main characters. With this in mind SOT has set out to recapture some of the original intentions of the play, while moving it into a modern setting.

Will Shaw be applauding this radical new interpretation, or is he turning in his grave?


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