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We want you!

If you are looking for a dramatic good time for your children in the school holidays then have them come join us on a …

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All children aged from 7 years… who have a love of drama or want to find out if they do are invited.

When: Monday, 11 July, 10:00 – noon

               Tuesday, 12 July, 10:00 – noon

               Wednesday, 13 July, 10:00 – noon


Cost: per child per single session $20. For all three session $60.
DISCOUNT for SIBLINGS attending all three sessions – two children $100 and three children $120

 If you are interested in attending one session or all three please contact

Christine Rule
998 59 225  /  0416932959  /


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The instinctive exploratory creativity that kids are born with should be nurtured. Creativity cannot be learned, but it can be killed. Kids thrive on fun, challenging but non-threatening task experiences, drawing on their imaginations. Natural creativity should be fostered together with learned patterns of memory and discipline. Individuality should be fostered together with learned social skills and co-operative work.

These ideas are the foundation of our work with young people.

Chn dramaYour child will be given opportunities to explore the creative aspects of drama which help to develop self esteem, a sense of identity, creativity, memory skills, discipline, risk taking in a safe environment, social skills, an appreciation of others’ special needs and abilities, while at the same time working towards a common goal with co-operative work.


  • Be prompt to classes  10 – noon.
  • Structure of sessions is important. Warm ups at the beginning and relaxation at the end are important.
  • Please inform us if you know you can’t come for a session.
  • Wear comfortable casual old clothing. Suitable shoes are to be worn at all times.
  • Bring your own bottle drink .  No glass please. Water is always available.
  • Children are not allowed to leave the Hall without being accompanied by one of the teachers
  • Parents / guardians must sign the child in and out of the session.
  • Children are not allowed to leave the premises unaccompanied.                                

Cost per child per single session $20.

For all three sessions $60.

DISCOUNT for SIBLINGS attending all three sessions – two children $100 and three children $120

Payment can be made by:

  • cash (on the day)
  • cheque (made out to Stepping Out Theatre Inc.)
  • direct debit: St. George bank BSB 112 879 A/C NO : 003267368

Payment includes:

  • 12 months membership to Stepping Out Theatre Inc.
  • one free ticket to a show within that 12 months.
  • $200,000 public liability insurance

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